Free wills’ misguided arrow, the quill had many strands.

A joyful hello from a familiar yet unknown girl, leads to a conversation. Unbeknown to her, that interaction rescued a guy from a world of hurt. Thanks

We walked, we talked and we met opposition, and you repelled it. That surprised me, it also showed me a moment of Truth. Because when you are among your own and you stand up for your own truth which is something I Dreamed to see but have never witnessed it threw me. Respect

The initial torment passed, only to reemerge when asked to wait in a particular place for a while but it felt like a lifetime and as though the whole event was being observed by the entire crowd. That request to wait was not honoured. Sorry

An encounter later that evening revealed if only for a short moment in time a reality filled with a mass of false assumptions non were ever valid yet all were consuming. The Mist

Never to see one another again is not only a wasted opportunity but a Tragedy. As what was missed was the chance solidify an encounter of Free will. That does not mean it would not have been free from confrontations just free from mutual complications. Regret

I will never forget it or You. June 2012

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