Driving in to the new Great Britain

Pondering the past is universal pursuit, although what one thinks about may differ the result is the same. It situates you in the now when the pondering is over. Whether for better or worse all things have a history.

The thought I am now considering is,

 Is the eye on the past without and eye in the present a deluded position?

The only image I have in mind to draw an analogy to is driving a vehicle on a motorway. A destination ahead which fuels the journey but a occasion eye in the mirror to address what is behind you that may cause you drama when you change lanes. As the inevitable traffic in front of you may hold you up!!

Brexits talks for me is a very confusing position because what led to the creation of the European Union does not seem to have any  place within current debates to draw a perspective for which fuels the causes for the split. 

A re-turn to a more prestigious national ideal may in fact erase some values the 40 year experiment may have provided that can actually be a pivotal anchor for what makes a difference in a return to the past with rose tinted glasses.

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