Blues in the sky in which I am thinking

With the traditional day of love approaching I find myself at odds with what I thought to be unconditional that being love. For whatever reason the way that love often has to fit into preordained patterns is on one hand ‘ traditional’ and on the other ignorant. I say this as the heads of ignorance is on the rise and it seems to be happening in all aspects of the human race. As politics has obliterated the center ground I wonder if a meeting of different planes even if I am only talking about geometry and technology is at all really possible for mass public or whether like Einstein’s theories or others that demonstrate the illusion of certainty must by default remain allusive.

No man or woman or other is an island as even the physical island share a common undersurface reality.

It is indeed true how edges define space but in which time?

I created the above image when taking into consideration the complications I have encountered,

I am wondering now is:-

How close is the concept of an earlier post ’50 shades of grey between data & privacy’ and the idea of ghosts in the machine?

It may well be the same thing even though not being a coder, I would not have even ventured into this domain or way of thinking.

And as I am not a coder I will say that they are not the same but closely related.. After all the words ‘Data Privacy’ is a concept born from coding world that affects many non technical related things. Or maybe that is a question of copyright.

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