Re: Between Data & Privacy 50 shades of grey

I am drawn to make an association between what I envisaged too far removed from me to comment.

However the knowledge of fetish and the structure of Perversions is not.

What actually falls into the realms of mass consumption does cross my path occasionally. And if it seems to venture into what could be called an aberration. A voice or voices will respond. It does seem like those voices fell silent in the case of Oxfam.

Symptoms of something much more significant underneath?

But to not be alarmed of the extent of abuses in the charitable ” caring” sector and reports that it is “the tip of the iceberg” well is that not shocking?

Hiding in plain sight, a purloined object has a history in desire. What happens to be the shade or object that is treasured is anyone’s guess.

The term of fifty shades had meaning before the films or books, and yes as seen in the original image it more over concerns greyscale and such. Although as the image was the results of a search engine made at the time of the original post it included some references to the story.

I am not one to jump onto this bandwagon in public as I saw a direct cross over of private matters. A space for …… And the contents of such knowledge in the present day of the Information Age is data that is beyond the workings of the eye. ( which is not new)

However as a way to possibly gain a perspective when something is wrong but yet is popular check those on the receiving end.

Kim Chakanetsa presents a conversation between two women from different cultures about their paths to success.

12th feb 2018 The conversation non consensual sharing of porn. BBC world service

Alternatively see the US consequences of

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