Natural cultural appropriation?

Tessellated natural beeswax hexatrigons with a image sourced from just fun facts, thanks!

Can you really believe in 21st century a ‘little mix’ of culture is so disruptive? I am talking about a radio station I listen to discussing a singer from a group called little mix who is sporting a dreadlock hairstyle. If I am correct I believe a little wax can help dreads when natural matting does not.

Politics or hair is still alive and kicking, I even remember sporting a haircut of a football player in the 90’s that got me suspended from school.

An observers perspective I suggest.. Let’s not speak of visual fetishes and who is looking?

Is progress in cultural matters a myth or is something systematic that seems to crop up every 30-60 years?

Where do you really come? Without some natural essences we are all up a dirty creek, One love, One oxygen based earth. Much separation but in reality it’s a ‘ thin blue line ‘ that separates ‘Us’ from ‘Them’ Humans from aliens. Fact from fiction.

Is it too much to ask if some rational educated people could drop the ignorance and spread some light from the darkness like our “Heavenly” luminary bodies.

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