No politic just production / construction

This below image is altered but only to omit certain details for data protection purposes

The three angles of Hexatrigon on its Hexagonal plane. Ready for manufacturing in …..

What I would like to inform those less technically aware (and I am no expert) how things in the old fashion sense can be brought in existence by way of 3D printing.

The purpose these things hold is for post production adaptions or as a possible finished piece.

The closest example I may be able to give you to understand 3D printing if you have no understanding is, if you may have had some dentures made or medical body appendages for use internally or external to the body in recent times, or know someone that has. The process involves printing in different materials of your choosing. I will attach a photograph of the finished piece to this post when available.

Multi jet cold fusion

Pictured dimensions:-

4.6cm (x) 3.4cm (y) 3.9cm (z) Multijet Fusion Nylon PA12. Polished.

This shape is my only foray into this arena at the moment and has changed my outlook a huge amount. The manufacturing process has change the ball park. The most enlightening aspect of this for me personally is the versatility of the file and format. It is the smallest file I have ever had any real experience. Smaller than the shortest email, with more real worldwide potential. Another aspect in my understanding of the space and production.

I will talk about scale of things in another post, however let me just say that the concept of the ‘internet of things‘ which may or may not be known to a mass public, has not really found me or Hexatrigon currently.

Apart from this same small file in as much as it brought my ‘blue sky thinking’ (earlier post) into the realms of the real world of small or large production. Another reflection of the way perspectives have shifted or me in this journey.

Real Space age business processes and concepts see link below:-

Back down to Earth

The age old ways of production I am not going to leave by the way side completely. There will be casts made from this professionally executed and finished example. The old fashioned or traditional way will add some individual production characteristics to its form. Nothing is perfect but we strive.

In addition to the more precise examples for those who do so choose 3D printing and associated criteria.

It can be said that this space age production is a disruptive technology and I can clearly see why that could be said, I choose not to comment. As the form itself borrows from two distinct forms to exists I will follow suit

I would like to let any interested parties know that what it takes to advance this journey of Hexatrigon with me to whatever degree is not a million miles away….. like a trip to outer space….

It seems like I am continually one foot in the past and one foot in the future. I guess it is a matter of general relative perspective to an observer at least.

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