Where is the love what does it look like?

A phrase / brand that has no coinciding image and is text only. I have attached the phrase to imagery only as a result of first realising it in conjunction with I Love You in different languages or ….www.customprints-images.co.uk


See https://pauladkin.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/on-the-corruption-of-love/#like-2921

However the custom red lips a good choice or bad choice was its first iteration. Used and registered, original created for its connection to the living being that would express the words and I blatantly forget that it already had an established connection or rather repressed its understanding. It is difficult to express concepts visually that reflect everything or everyone.

I can not dismiss it has a monetary value as it is registered or that it may be used as a preference to using the formal spelling to but its worth to wider society…?

The journey led me to create this form below in balsa wood.

This experience has structurally changed my knowledge based understanding from one dimension to 2dimensions to 3dimensions + time, matter and perspective.

Below see 3D print using Multijet Fusion in Black Nylon

Life – Mi Luv Yu Bad for the multitude of possibilities yet to be realised.

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