Wants and needs.

I need trusted people to not only work with but converse with. If ones principles are not a valuable commodity even in the site of a potential clear and present danger faced by people who have had their own experiences / memories that govern their perceived sceptical positions often has a reason.

There is not one historical European power that has had something that governs their position, hidden or otherwise. Where one was born to a degree does govern their behaviour but certain countries take different approaches. Immigration has crosspollinated ideals and such.

60’s, & 70’s where golden years for some and did not know any better.

Wants to not have my experiences and understanding overshadowed by ignorance which also has its own history.

That does not mean that there may not be cause for concern. Just poses a position,

If “Mind fields” may actually exist and if they do they are certain to overlap. I wonder if they would take as long to find as gravitational waves did after first being proposed.

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