Transformations of a kind

Fabrics as we may have known it 100 years ago is not the same anymore. Before I created badges I would not have dreamed polyester was anything other a material found in clothing. That is not the case anymore.

Due to my nature what the use of sublimation prints which was for preferably fabric with mixed fibres ended up being use on natural fibres 100% cotton. Which worked very well but due to its natural properties washed right out.

(Fabric on is not what I describe above.  These fabric prints are indeed professionally printed on  image 2Old Street Brushed Twill )

What washed off was as a result not having a substrate to hold the image in place. A fixer suitable for contact with skin.

This love is fragile

The transformative properties of a chemical nature of what I once believed was clothing allowed what would be a clear polyester resin cast of a 3D print


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