More questions than answers

Which would be better for mental health? Medical or natural remedies.

When pondering the status of mental health as a body of knowledge to be followed. I can see how a different orientations can skew how things can be translated/ communicated . I have found this problem with dealing with simple imagery. Policies and protocols well that is another matter.

To be bound by some form of structure is not only useful but often necessary, but then the phase working outide of the box would not have its’ relevance.

I did study vis com and its knowledge informed me of the relevance of such thinking. Knowledge however rarely stays in its box. Some parts of it cross over to other forms of knowledge, are given a different title or label become tweaked and are then transformed. This then becomes particular to that specific set of structures.

The knowledge from the history of Pyschoanalysis has its turns too. Some forms of its understanding rely less up some symptoms favouring to examine its stucture. As a result of recognising previous inconsistencies yet trying to keep its position in keeping with the knowledge base.

Now in regards to how this post began I would like to mention a couple of phrases.

Medical cannabis or just cannabis.

One comes without much tweaking unless it is desired the other comes with tweaking as standard. I wonder which phrase fits which box?

If life on earth was so straight forward how come it has so many variations that without would leave the world a little chance of moving forward. I aim to in some move things on one way or another.

But my experience shows me I may have to love it and leave it and still claim some part of it. It’s an old proverb but to know thy self in an age when someone may know what you say before you write is……



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