Before i managed to make Hexatrigon a solid form, i was looked at very strangely when trying to convey how i could the net of my shape when looking at anything resembling a honeycomb pattern. This was before i had to deal with the angles of joints. I recognise how desires can sometimes not be realised because the gap between doing and seeing. Culturally me like others are accustomed to thinking almost anything that can be dreamed should be able to be made. Science fictions influences i suppose.

Within the below moving image which is i believe has a relation to outer space and solar panels nearly everyone will and can recognise the honey comb pattern. Within the boundry of those seven tessellated hexagons is all that is necessary to reveal the form i created.

Madness, obvious, Genius, rubbish whatever you may believe the facts still remain.

7 hexagons to 3d form for the 21st century

Not my image but reflects the 3 dimensional potential of the hexagon


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