Dark Mass


Systematic structures often show up complications in practice. It is often not the systems fault to encompass new demands. Pre existing assumptions can lead to pre existing results. The structures that govern behaviours when the knowledge of the end result is not given beforehand can and often do leave one frustrated.

The more i try remove the marks left behind, the more the overall object losses its value. I can understand how sharp edges need to be rounded of because of safety concerns but if the planes are suppose to be flat and if i do so the correct the angles are lost.

So much of what we know depends on things we don’t know, Without the awareness that there is the potential for another way that way is not sought after.

In all the reproductions made of the non platonic yet geometrically correct form holding steadfast to regular polygonal principles non have shown up these system based complications.

I did not know these problems in 3d viewing systems before sending the created file for production. When the created exported file was reopened within the confines of program that created, the act of translation revealed how a hexagon created as a hexagon now became multiple triangles or rectangles.

It is not always the case that something seen in one place is recognised when seen somewhere else. That often has something to do with perspective and that is object based. Often when the object in question is known and can only see in its own way and is reluctant to see anything else, things go wrong. I am reluctant to use this way of reproduction for a final piece however for use other progressive pursuits it is indeed suitable. Not all 3d prints are the same………

Knowledge to its nth degree is just knowledge but with a bit of understanding which can be imparted clearly without judgment may help an experience progress to alter ones knowledge, repeat. (Kn+U)C-E© Sounds like its for AI but i think not.

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