who owns knowledge that has been hidden,shared or stolen for Ages?

We as humans have lived for centuries, that would then mean that every 100 years is supposed to mean something eg.5th,11th,15th,18th, 20th, 21st… century

1+1 in quotes was roman,  0+1 in quotes was east meets west

rules that can be broken become rules in themselves so is no rule absolute?

To over enforce a rule is?

To not enforce a rule is?

To not honour ……?

who is correct, wrong, left or right?

science claims to have found water frozen on Mars ,while here on Earth the mind of man is in turmoil and we know it all? I know I don’t and don’t claim too but when something comes out of the blue…. we run to the stars.

whats that jim
space the final frontier….


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