What, If,?

Who knows what would have happened if the sixties kept on going without a change? Would we have ended up in the universes’ silvery river just bobbing up to work-out that straight lines are the work of man before falling away back into oneness,  to accept we know nothing and why we quest on.

The oldest acts in life are the things that get most people uptight, why is that? Is it because we should know better or that what was always done should be done because that is what was taught? I find myself pondering what if by free will and no regret things people who must feel shame, guilt or both,  now could be ventured into with less skepticism. I ask this as the things which are not explicitly displayed does not mean they don’t happen. It is just someone else’s’ business to quash out or enforce. Or what happens behind closed doors is not necessarily of a progressive attitude.

Only after shock or exposure do discrepancies come to light. How many “patients” were seen in the past to not be completely aware of the unmoral desires of the morally praised in positions of power…… But then not to observe the role of power/authority as a potential condition for exploitation?

That is not to advocate removing the institutions/ committees just acknowledging the position it holds and the pitfalls it faces if it does not relate to others outside of it…..


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