mind, is it your own?

In the pursuit of a more rounded understanding of the unconscious or the structure of desire. When what is perceived by others overshadows ones own position without a recognition of the falsehoods present within certain rituals/ customs/ may well be the cause of their undoings. Knowing that in oneself without ignorance is trying enough.

This position underpins much of what has made sense to many if of not all over time.

That said the teachings that offer solace to  many without question does not escape the horrors that could erupt when the fundamental position does not inform or rather neglects to keep those horrors in check preferring to revel in the perversions for the sake of following the norm. No matter the cost or due to the cost

What is a stake blindly following….

we are still speaking subjects however strange it may seem to unknowing eye, the perversions in viewing does not know those bounds in the pursuit of an enjoyment from watching others in distress or not

polygon orignal
original Made to Aid

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