With divisions a plenty as a structure of governance which by default sounds socialist with the need for economy stability. How many socialist examples around the world shine a sustainable light? In my opinion all those divisions uniting is the impossibility. Arguably the extremes are closer to each other in many ways . A triangular top down approach is well known if it does not … Continue reading ?


For those that have not studied psychoanalysis and have taken the subject that was clarified by Lacan as the barred subject as something that somehow isolated the teachings of Freud. Did not comprehend Lacans position. The discourse that barred the subject was not isolated from the workings of the world. Now in regards to my position as someone who has studied Psychoanalysis the I of … Continue reading Misunderstood


I wonder if the empires of old that discovered the herbs, plants, and spices thought that using them would be so politically charged now that others would be watching them use them by name or produce thinking what are they doing? Natures God and the others are different but they all rely on the mature one that only allows it works to view as is … Continue reading Seas

Over the horizons

Until very recently I learned about the horizon project like Brexit seems like it will be a distant memory come 2020. Will that mean things like nationality, family, history, the environment will no longer matter. I have to accept my ignorance that until Brexit i did not know that the uk parle meant as little as it did in Uk matters other than dealing out … Continue reading Over the horizons