Over the horizons

Until very recently I learned about the horizon project like Brexit seems like it will be a distant memory come 2020.

Will that mean things like nationality, family, history, the environment will no longer matter. I have to accept my ignorance that until Brexit i did not know that the uk parle meant as little as it did in Uk matters other than dealing out from the EU. Within the EU it seems to me at least that nationality still matters.

I like others did not realise the important of Ireland in regards Brexit until it happened, having never been and there before and using the euro there it did not register. Did that mean i lost any respect for them. I could only recognise the accent but where that may be from i dont know. Falsely believing in the UK didn’t help. In or out i still know what a shamrock looks like four leafs or not, even if they don’t know me.

Theresa Mays deal or return Article 50, the process did ruffle some feathers and revealed some of those cracks….. Oh wait the televised debates might sort it all out

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