‘Just do it‘ is a message that has associations. I did it and every one wants to know what’s the  part it is used for. I did create a simple candle holder which fits in the internal space within the frame versions of hexatrigon that due to the companies that i have been using no longer work with 3d ceramics the picture below not only … Continue reading Messages

If I even start to connect the dots

They say three is the magic number just trying to make case to provide myself with a means to use some of my tech. One very obvious connection I would have needed to make would be the network which without which much of what of mine had made it to the net would without it in one way or another. Especially since needing to even … Continue reading If I even start to connect the dots

AI captain

If Ai is rolled out to control or inform organic matter how can it evaluate changes that have not happened? If that is not its mAIN OBJECTIVE. to process yes it can compute different combinations like Neo facing all of those screens in the matrix, even then there was program behind those screens. But surely what ai can observe is what has been placed in … Continue reading AI captain

Re: carry on regardless

Due to complications on my initial model which and with no malice was tried by different companies, I tried again with another model. Although sent to my main producers I went with just one, they did it and in keeping with how I have been introduced to the world of additive manufacturing by giving credit where credit it is due. Yet to be seen but … Continue reading Re: carry on regardless

compromises and structure

In theories of the Pysche, Psychoanalysis, come from different orientations or schools of thought. When outside of that knowledge base can cause conflicts that are extremely complicated to resolve. These conflicts have a history in terms of reference to their originators and where they claim their ‘heritage’ for want of a better word which undoubtably exists. Their structure of observation is crucial to its practice … Continue reading compromises and structure

Once upon a time

Trust was a sacred custom, it stopped one from acting out when the circle was too close to have perspective. Jealously, ignorance and foul play meant that because you did something in the past that it has to have influence on the present. It seem fine to help someone because you can and then because of the reality that some one has some leverage over … Continue reading Once upon a time

with caution

Is it not uncanny that in the 21st century that the more tech language is used in common parlance, the more distant the real ‘person’ becomes……   AI has instituted a particular kind of thinking reflected from a particular mind frame which as much as it wants to will learn its failures but do its job probably better than most but can it see itself? … Continue reading with caution

carry on regardless

A new attempt is being made at a this model above with a larger diameter, . Looks / screens can be deceptive The initial diameter of this model was attempting to reflect the defined vertices as that of a solid planed hexatrigon. It’s construction proved to be a problem via metal printing, which proved to be a step too far with a 1.5mm diameter. Maybe … Continue reading carry on regardless