Re: carry on regardless

Due to complications on my initial model which and with no malice was tried by different companies, I tried again with another model. Although sent to my main producers I went with just one, they did it and in keeping with how I have been introduced to the world of additive manufacturing by giving credit where credit it is due. Yet to be seen but … Continue reading Re: carry on regardless


When wresting to convince myself and those around me of the possibility to produced what I term “blue sky thinking” ie Hexatrigon. The responses I received were all about a part and what will it be? I agreed but you can ignore something just to make a thing was the square secondary to the square box ? In my eyes just the realisation of a … Continue reading Imagine

when something does not fit into the mould

Just because what has been a stable understanding and then due to whatever things based on a lie stand for. In knowing myself and what I knew stood for. Even with a cardboard cut out what was said could not be done, was with no mimicry no jest,  just geometry. compass and scalpel. Do I have a maths degree  no, Do I have architectural knowledge … Continue reading when something does not fit into the mould

with caution

Is it not uncanny that in the 21st century that the more tech language is used in common parlance, the more distant the real ‘person’ becomes……   AI has instituted a particular kind of thinking reflected from a particular mind frame which as much as it wants to will learn its failures but do its job probably better than most but can it see itself? … Continue reading with caution


who knows why anyone does something and if  the someone who does benefits others why not share. I know why you can’t make money that way….. Capital and money is not the same thing  like anger and frustration. Sometimes is is best to just Sata with the knowing that the reflections spoken about from old are illusionary even if realistic. Some things are just to … Continue reading Bene-(fits)

Points of reference

In this world one thing counts, lots of ….. It is said ignorance is bliss. Is it that to be ignorant makes life easier or that to know and be ignorant is easier? Either way ignorance seems to be the order of the day or is it indifferent? Paradox, law and order, chaos, quantum, theory, all point to something not being quite as it seems. … Continue reading Points of reference

Humble pie

When you get what you ask for and it becomes real, Just by the mere act of speaking with the right people not only makes you realise the errors of your ways but offers insights. Alternative use of internal space, and the knowing that come with knowing your trade, priceless with hindsight costly without but i suppose to cannot get from a-b without having to … Continue reading Humble pie

Attempting to create some value regardless

One thing my studies did inform me off was the importance of vision. Whether that be a mark on a page or what your perception turns it into. That was the realm of art and design. Other studies not only gave me a insight into that thinking but also it’s  conditioning. The camera obscura was one of the pictorial apparatus used to reflect the structure … Continue reading Attempting to create some value regardless