Re: carry on regardless

Due to complications on my initial model which and with no malice was tried by different companies, I tried again with another model. Although sent to my main producers I went with just one, they did it and in keeping with how I have been introduced to the world of additive manufacturing by giving credit where credit it is due. Yet to be seen but … Continue reading Re: carry on regardless

with caution

Is it not uncanny that in the 21st century that the more tech language is used in common parlance, the more distant the real ‘person’ becomes……   AI has instituted a particular kind of thinking reflected from a particular mind frame which as much as it wants to will learn its failures but do its job probably better than most but can it see itself? … Continue reading with caution


who knows why anyone does something and if  the someone who does benefits others why not share. I know why you can’t make money that way….. Capital and money is not the same thing  like anger and frustration. Sometimes is is best to just Sata with the knowing that the reflections spoken about from old are illusionary even if realistic. Some things are just to … Continue reading Bene-(fits)

Points of reference

In this world one thing counts, lots of ….. It is said ignorance is bliss. Is it that to be ignorant makes life easier or that to know and be ignorant is easier? Either way ignorance seems to be the order of the day or is it indifferent? Paradox, law and order, chaos, quantum, theory, all point to something not being quite as it seems. … Continue reading Points of reference

supposed to work

I went to college to learn. This involved understanding rules which whether public knowledge or not were relevant.  Assumptions by external others clouded that experience to the point that when being myself words from “those with authority” made a mockery of these studies. Does the fact that those in authority have any clarity in informing those who they look upon with any meaningful knowledge. Books … Continue reading supposed to work

50 shades of Grey between data and privacy

I question whether it is better to leave things in the dark or whether under the right circumstances they indeed should be brought into the light.  This topic also raises in me notions of trust in both inanimate things and people, linked but not prescribed. The image pictures notions of rest and relations in states of safety. The only thing to link these images is … Continue reading 50 shades of Grey between data and privacy

Looking somewhere else

Looking can be viewed as a pastime in which what may be looked at can give pleasure to the viewer under a presumption that what is being looked at, cannot see the what is the object of the gaze. The bounds of those experiences for both the observer and the subject have a history. Which in some cases clouds the picture. The watchers get pleasure … Continue reading Looking somewhere else

What, If,?

Who knows what would have happened if the sixties kept on going without a change? Would we have ended up in the universes’ silvery river just bobbing up to work-out that straight lines are the work of man before falling away back into oneness,  to accept we know nothing and why we quest on. The oldest acts in life are the things that get most … Continue reading What, If,?

Is ignorance bliss?

I find that green dry bark falling of dry trees is not only a sign of potential natural fire risk but also signs that somethings are changing. For the better or worse who knows? However as past realities want to come up from the closet as if there was not a reason they were in a closet I find myself looking at a piece of … Continue reading Is ignorance bliss?