50 shades of Grey between data and privacy

I question whether it is better to leave things in the dark or whether under the right circumstances they indeed should be brought into the light.  This topic also raises in me notions of trust in both inanimate things and people, linked but not prescribed. The image pictures notions of rest and relations in states of safety. The only thing to link these images is … Continue reading 50 shades of Grey between data and privacy

Looking somewhere else

Looking can be viewed as a pastime in which what may be looked at can give pleasure to the viewer under a presumption that what is being looked at, cannot see the what is the object of the gaze. The bounds of those experiences for both the observer and the subject have a history. Which in some cases clouds the picture. The watchers get pleasure … Continue reading Looking somewhere else

who owns knowledge that has been hidden,shared or stolen for Ages?

We as humans have lived for centuries, that would then mean that every 100 years is supposed to mean something eg.5th,11th,15th,18th, 20th, 21st… century 1+1 in quotes was roman,  0+1 in quotes was east meets west rules that can be broken become rules in themselves so is no rule absolute? To over enforce a rule is? To not enforce a rule is? To not honour … Continue reading who owns knowledge that has been hidden,shared or stolen for Ages?

Dark Mass

Systematic structures often show up complications in practice. It is often not the systems fault to encompass new demands. Pre existing assumptions can lead to pre existing results. The structures that govern behaviours when the knowledge of the end result is not given beforehand can and often do leave one frustrated. The more i try remove the marks left behind, the more the overall object … Continue reading Dark Mass

Within the boundaries

To achieve the form I have made several posts on concerning points,vertices, edges, lines and planes it pleases me to know that it began with arcs, circles and curves. Unfortunately in my pursuit for a solid mass manifesting the perspective that ‘ left the page’. The paper version faired less favourably but you may still make out those curves. Continue reading Within the boundaries

knot obvious

The attributes of taking thing on face value has its complications. However to take a second glance has it benefits. The problem and solution is often tied into fabric of the its structure and what its connotations relay. I may have focused on the wrong end of the stick or may be it’s just a branch of something much deeper Continue reading knot obvious

Where is the love what does it look like?

A phrase / brand that has no coinciding image and is text only. I have attached the phrase to imagery only as a result of first realising it in conjunction with I Love You in different languages or ….www.customprints-images.co.uk Love, See https://pauladkin.wordpress.com/2018/03/08/on-the-corruption-of-love/#like-2921 However the custom red lips a good choice or bad choice was its first iteration. Used and registered, original created for its connection … Continue reading Where is the love what does it look like?