Two ways at least

Can you see through another’s eyes? I have heard you  can observe through Astral travel that purports to use no eyes at all. The minds eye sees . When eye’s of the senates,  parliaments and federated states see clearly, what do they see over the Horizon project  when looking east or west? Stability?, Certainty?, Anarchy? Or Chaos theory? From a Uk perspective are things like … Continue reading Two ways at least


Objects are described by an observer, how  many beloved descriptions don’t talk back? And if they do, to ignore them as though they don’t exist or are some where “out there” on the other side of comprehension is standard. The objective of class based morality that knows no sin like cloud base technology that know no wires is quite contradictory   Continue reading Enlighten


‘Just do it‘ is a message that has associations. I did it and every one wants to know what’s the  part it is used for. I did create a simple candle holder which fits in the internal space within the frame versions of hexatrigon that due to the companies that i have been using no longer work with 3d ceramics the picture below not only … Continue reading Messages

If I even start to connect the dots

They say three is the magic number just trying to make case to provide myself with a means to use some of my tech. One very obvious connection I would have needed to make would be the network which without which much of what of mine had made it to the net would without it in one way or another. Especially since needing to even … Continue reading If I even start to connect the dots

Aluminium anyone

There is a new way to do things, The issue of borders may well be a cost that makes you realising that we are not in the Stone, Bronze,…….Age. A shame I will not be alone is not benefitting from the below offer, a product of the information/ technological age or was not every age defined by some technical or developmental advancement? Continue reading Aluminium anyone